True Firsts: October 11, 2018


Wheel of Time Finally Headed to Amazon and Spider-Man E-96283 the star of Into the Spider-Verse?

Here is a few to speculate on…
First (Earth-96283) Spider-Man. It looks like he might be the main Spidey in the Into the Spider-verse film. And Amazon is making Wheel of Time which was optioned some time ago. Here is the first comic appearance ( Variant )

Speculating on a Saturday…First Appearance of Warrior Nun Areala, Ninja High School 37

Looking for a cheap book to hunt for. Right now the web has it wrong. Ninja High School 38 is NOT the first appearance of Warrior Nun Areala, She doesn’t appear until Warrior Nun Areala Ashcan 1994 or maybe here. 38 is Lilith’s first.


Saturday Spec: Wolverine Punisher 2 ( First appearance of Soteira )

This one is a bit out there so I am warning anyone who reads this that running out and grabbing this book is risky. I wouldn’t pay more than a dollar. Having said that there are some interesting points.

If you have read the latest chapter in the hunt for Wolverine you met Persephone, the supposed leader of the villainous organization Soteira, Apparently this new organization has had their dirty hooks in the 616 for some time. Man Marvel loves themselves a retcon these days!

What is odd is that Persephone uses holographic tech to introduce herself to the X-Men something another character has done using the same name.

There has been a Soteira in Marvel once before, a scientific genius Morlock who we only see via holographic projection. She has connections to mutants, experience encasing powerful mutants in metallic chambers ( hmmmmmmm ) and the first time we see her she is introduced in the same panels with Wolverine.

The Soteira from Wolverine/Punisher is supposedly dead having been exposed to the mutant Revelation for too long. The story is kind of a mess and no one likes angelic Punisher but there are some interesting links. So far we know very little about Persephone and the organization Soteira. With Marvel’s current love for connecting current stories to obscure references from the past who knows?

The odds are that this is simply a coincidence but these days can any of us afford to take chances? By that I mean screw you Donny Cates!