The Sequential Art Report: Saturday July 7th, 2018

Z Nation apparently has a bit of a cult following on Syfy.  The only comic series was the limited set from Dynamite and there is a market for the rare Parillo covers especially issues 2,5 and 6.  This week it was announced that Syfy will be adapting the prequel.  That’s good news for those who built complete sets as the entire series Black Summer is the prequel!


My buddy Ben S over at CBSI mentioned Natali Sanders in his top 10 Honorable mentions.  She has done covers on and off since 2012 but I dig her style. Her first published work was here;

and here are some others I like by her


And finally Mobile Suit Gundam is getting a live action film.  There have been numerous comics and adaptations but the first and first cover was in the impossible to find Adventure King Magazine from 1979.

The first American appearance was in this rare publication in 1997



Mobile Suit Gundam Gets Live Adaptation: First Comic Appearance…


I am as excited as anyone for a live action Gundam film!  The manga has a long history going back to the inception of the Anime.  The first appearance is a ghost and the first American comic isn’t exactly an easy find.


Adventure King Magazine May 1979

First American comic appearance

Nightbreed is coming to SYFY!

It seems like holding books long term isn’t always a bad move. We often look to flip quick because getting optioned doesn’t always mean getting made. In this case it is nice to see Nightbreed heading to Syfy. At one time Syfy was a stake to the heart for speculators but I think times are changin’. There was money to made on Happy ( which was great ) and some other recent announcements have lead to solid sales.
Look there is some great stuff coming to Syfy, Roche Limit… Black…and a host of other great comics have been announced.
I think a property like Nightbreed getting made is good for speculators. It just reminds us that waiting is an option worth thinking about. Now does that mean Nightbreed 1 will do anything? Honestly I have no idea. I sure hope so. The comic was great and it’s not something I see out in the wild very often. I have bought a lot of these over the years and despite high quality paper they always have spinal issues.

This one is worth a stash too, first Rawhide Rex